Zack Johnson

  • August 25, 2017

Zack Johnson



Topic: Utilizing Big Data in Esports

Track: Marketing Technology

After graduating in 1998 from Rose-Hulman, Zack turned down job offers in other areas of the country and instead started his own software company.  Within two years he also started a regional ISP, raised $1.45M and purchased multiple dial-up internet providers and converted them to high speed broadband wireless throughout Indiana and Illinois.  In 2004 he sold the majority of that company and started up eBash, a video game center focused on running events and tournaments.

In 2008 Zack began running events to connect gamers from around the world in one constant leaderboard and competition.  The first version of the automated software system started in 2013 and launched in 2014.  Today the software now runs in over 300 centers, multiple universities, almost 1000 retail locations such as Best Buy and Office Depot.  The system has over 300,000 active gamers and enabled players around the world to win over 100,000 prizes in just the first three years.