Zach Cardwell

  • July 28, 2017

Zach Cardwell

Principal Data Scientist

Data317 and Mainstreet Global

Topic: Thinking Like a Search Engine

Track: Marketing Technology

Businesses spend billions to boost search rankings, frequently employing SEO firms to manage and direct the effort. Often, the tactics taken by these firms are dubious, ignoring how search actually works and what contributes to better search rankings. This talk will focus on what search engines actually do, what their motives are, and how to use analytics and big data technology to move marketing strategy away from simply picking keywords. Zach is the principal data scientist at Data317, Indy’s own brain trust for difficult math problems and novel analytical solutions. He has worked on problems large and small, from developing algorithms to detect statewide income tax fraud to a novel content algorithm which links articles on intent rather than vocabulary. Currently, Zach is based at Mainstreet Global, an investment firm focused in healthcare development.