Valentin Pentchev

  • August 14, 2017

Valentin Pentchev

Network Science Spoke Liaison for MWBDH

Midwest Big Data Hub (MWBDH)

Topic: Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub: Introduction, Overview and Collaboration Opportunities (co-presenting with Melissa Cragin)

Track: Disruptive Consumerism

Indiana University (IU) is one of the five leading institutions behind the Midwest Big Data Hub (MWBDH) an organization started a few years ago as  part of the White House Big Data Research and Development Initiative and funded by NSF. Valentin Pentchev is the Information Technology Director of IU’s Network Science Institute (IUNI), which is leading the Network Science spoke of the Midwest Big Data Hub.

Valentin will present the Hub’s mission, Work Groups (Spokes), infrastructure and resources available to strengthen and promote Big Data use, research and collaboration in the region.