Scott McAhren

  • May 24, 2017

Scott McAhren

Senior Research Scientist

Eli Lilly and Company

Topic: Uncovering the Multiple Paths of Type 2 Diabetes Disease Progression from Electronic Health Records

Track: Analytics

Scott M. McAhren, B.S. (Lilly Research Laboratories Endocrine Informatics), received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Iowa State University in 1990. He joined Lilly as an Associate Information Technologist in supporting Lilly’s Toxicology group. In June 1994, as an Information Technology System Analyst he became a member of the High Performance Computing team supporting Lilly’s Cray-2 supercomputer and Unix computing clusters. He joined the Lilly Research Laboratories Information Technology Informatics group in April 2000 where he developed automated informatics pipelines for sequence analysis, expression array analysis and next generation sequencing. Since August 2012, his work as a Senior Research Scientist in the Endocrine Informatics group has involved target identification, target validation, biomarker analysis and next pedigree based generation sequencing informatics support for the Cardiovascular Metabolic Disease and Diabetic Complications drug hunting team.