Reza Rasoulpour, Ph.D.

  • July 10, 2017

Reza Rasoulpour, Ph.D.

Global Predictive Safety Center Leader
Regulatory Sciences, Research & Development

Dow AgroSciences

Topic: Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Application of Predictive Safety Assessments

Track: Analytics

Since publication of the 2007 National Academy of Sciences report on “Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century: A Vision and a Strategy”, companies like Dow, have been working to modernize the testing of molecule safety through scientific tools and technologies, like big data and analytics.  What once seemed like an apparent mirage grows closer to reality as the research community explores combination in silico and in vitro approaches to advance our toxicity testing methodologies. In this session, case studies of the challenges that can arise when developing de novo approaches to novel molecule design, including interdependencies that must be balanced between key molecule characteristics will be provided. Big data validation of assays across chemistries with different physical chemical domains, main drivers for molecule selection, prioritization and weighting of end points, and case examples of various in silico and in vitro tools utilized within molecule development will be discussed.

Reza Rasoulpour is the Global Predictive Safety Center Leader within Regulatory Sciences (RS), Research and Development (R&D) at Dow AgroSciences (DAS).  His current responsibilities include leadership of a cross-disciplinary team of regulatory scientists with expertise in mammalian and ecological toxicology, environmental fate and metabolism, field fate modeling, kinetics, and analytical chemistry who partner with R&D Discovery to design products with more favorable environmental and human health safety profiles.  Rasoulpour also spearheads several science strategy projects such as incorporation of predictive toxicogenomics platforms, membership on the Crop Protection Technology Steering Committee, and is also facilitator to the DAS R&D Leadership Team (RDLT).  Dr. Rasoulpour joined Dow in 2007 with a background in reproductive toxicology and molecular biology.

Dr. Rasoulpour’s primary research focus has been in leading the epigenetics and toxicogenomics research programs to accelerate pipeline product development as well as investigative mode-of-action research to characterize molecular mechanisms and their impact to product safety assessment.  Dr. Rasoulpour currently serves as an appointed member on the National Academy of Sciences Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions standing committee (2016 to present), he is on the editorial board of the Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis journal (2017 to present), and was nominated to the Society of Toxicology Membership Committee (2016 to present).  He has organized numerous symposia and workshops at the Society of Toxicology meetings, has served as an invited speaker and panelist for scientific sessions at the National Academy of Sciences, ICCA-LRI workshops, ILSI-HESI, ECETOC, Crop Life America, Society for Toxicologic Pathology, and the Teratology Society.  To date, he has authored/coauthored 38 peer-reviewed publications to the scientific literature, as well as authored a book chapter on the topic of male reproductive biology.

Dr. Rasoulpour earned a B.S. from the University of Connecticut, where he received the title of University Scholar, the university’s highest academic honor.  He then embarked on researching reproductive toxicology in the laboratory of Kim Boekelheide and was awarded his Ph.D. from Brown University.