Mike Siefer

  • June 19, 2017

Mike Siefer

Chief Technology Officer

Platformatics, Inc.

Topic: Delivering on Smart Building IoT

Track: IoT

Mike Siefer is the lead architect for Platformatics, a Bloomington, IN tech-company, delivering building systems that increase user well being by making them more comfortable and productive. Platformatics provides a flexible, scalable, and secure system to support new application innovation in lighting, the Internet of Things, and building controls. Mr. Siefer, co-founder of Platformatics, brings over 30 years of networking and communications experience to the commercial building IoT industry. Prior to Platformatics, Mike was a lead architect in data center and cloud services technologies under the Office of the CTO for Cisco Systems.

Mr. Siefer holds a BSEE from Valparaiso University and a long time content manager and speaker for Cisco System’s annual CiscoLive event.