Jacob Brown

  • July 26, 2017

Jacob Brown

Senior Account Analyst

Hanapin Marketing

Topic: Supermetrics: The Data Grabber that Gives You Reporting Autonomy

Track: Analytics


Hanapin Marketing uses a multitude of different reporting platforms, including Acquisio, Kenshoo and Marin. However, at a hands on company like Hanapin – a program like Supermetrics is quite often the go-to! Supermetrics is inexpensive, allows for you to get data from multiple platforms into Google Sheets and then YOU, as the advertiser, can decide how to segment all of the data from there!

Jacob Brown has been working at Hanapin Marketing for nearly 4 years. He’s been in the Online Advertising industry for around 5 years. Jacob has had a lot of different roles at Hanapin Marketing, from Production Associate to Account Manager to Senior Account Analyst. As an Analyst – part of his job is to organize data and create easier reporting and optimization tools for the team at Hanapin.