Ira Berk

  • May 1, 2017

Ira Berk

Vice President


Topic: What Happens With All That IOT Data?

Track: Disruptive Consumerism

Everywhere we turn we hear abut “smart” devices or “connected” devices. What does that really mean? Where does all the data go? And then what? This session will look at these questions and more. It will explore conceptually the key tenants for storing and managing the data. Then the session will cover what can be done with the data including some practical examples of how to leverage the data to improve the experience for end consumers and constituents of products and services.

Ira Berk is a Vice President at SAP, leading the Platform & Industry Sales Programs team within SAP’s Global HANA Center of Excellence. Ira joined SAP in 2008 with the acquisition of Business Objects, where he led the creation of the SAP BusinessObjects Edge series of Business Intelligence products for mid-market companies. He brings over 25 years of industry experience in commercial software and internal applications with industry leaders Intuit, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Pfizer. Ira graduated from MIT with a BS in computer science and engineering, and a Master’s degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management.