Bino John

  • June 27, 2017

Bino John

Computational Biology Leader

Dow AgroSciences

Topic: Careers in Big Data

Track: Career Expo

Bino John leads the Computational Biology Group at Dow AgroSciences, a division of Dow Chemical.  Dr. John earned an Integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai) in 2000 and subsequently received his PhD from The Rockefeller University in Biomedical Sciences in 2003. His graduate research relating to computational protein sequence and structure analysis was followed by postdoctoral studies in computational genomics at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre. In 2005, Dr. John joined the University of Pittsburgh as a faculty, where he conducted research on applying computational and molecular biology tools with a focus on using high-throughput genome profiling methods such as NGS for biomarker discovery. Dr. John joined Dow AgroSciences in 2013, where he leads a variety of efforts relating to omics data, including initiatives on enabling integrative big-data informatics capabilities.  Dr. John also oversees an R&D-wide initiative that helps to recruit the best talent.