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We Have Exciting Speakers Lined Up for the 5th Annual Indy Big Data Conference.

We are going to disclose them one by one stay tuned……

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Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, differentiate yourself from competitors or simply attract more buyers to your booth, Indy Big data Conference offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that will maximize your investment.

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Career Expo


Career Expo

Indiana University Data Science Program

Career Expo

The Indy Big Data Career Expo will take place in addition to the Conference Exhibit Hall. The organizations above will be accepting resumes and having conversations on-site with potential candidates. Only Conference attendees can participate in the Career Expo. The Indy Big Data Conference offers a deep discount for students wishing to attend the Conference.

Please email register@indybigdata.com to receive the special student discount promo code.


Welcome to the home of the fifth annual Indy Big Data Conference, titled “Big Data: A Maze of Opportunity.” Just when we thought Big Data couldn’t get any bigger, the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted the $130 Billion Big Data market of 2016 will nearly double with anticipated revenues of more than $203 Billion by the start of the next decade. 2018 will shine a spotlight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the anticipated big data star of the year, debuting in everything from self-driving cars to healthcare and home products like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Some experts forecast the voice-activated Internet alone, will be a $10 Billion dollar industry by 2020. By 2021, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to draw in $6 Trillion dollars, with a “T” in spending as a business solution. With the big data market explosion also comes pressure for Fortune 500 organizations to put strategies in place to monetize their big data and hire cybersecurity experts to protect their ever-expanding pipelines and portfolios of big data. IoT is especially susceptible to hacking as more and more devices hook in to the Internet, more and more areas of vulnerability are being created. Big data is a maze of opportunity with as many twists and turns as there are new big data technologies. This year’s speakers will present on these topics and many more as they help you to navigate this maze and cash in on your next big data opportunity.

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